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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the other from stabbed to death a car near church not a landmark may have forecast a sound is quite what the people are saying about a strange sight plus more people count on our across furled >> : costco i did the big rig from the state legislatures see how lawmakers are redefining an age-old >> : twitter 101 after she sends out some disturbing tweeds >> : that teen sensation on its escort goes bay area native goes on the stage >> : at full hour of your choice for prime time news >> : happening now mysterious homicide investigation and the south bay tonight passersby finding bodies in two separate cities one body fallen burned at a morgan hill reservoir the other victim found stabbed to death a san jose church
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parking lot >> : to cover the suspicious circumstances in a separate case is beginning tonight with felipe live in san jose >> : at the startling disturbing discovery police say that a passer-by saw unconscious form part in a car here at the grace church parking lot on it or road all the o'clock this morning by the time officers arrived they realize the woman was not asleep not unconscious but in fact she was dead >> : with the seen from above in this video from helicopter partnership with abc students you conceive looks real car the trunk opened in the slot across the street from the evergreen branch library to the clara county medical examiner's office of severed at least one stab wounds parking lot and off limits to the public and so police left around 5:00 police say it's unclear how long the car was actually
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part in the parking lot only saying that this is most likely since last night >> : and this year's saying that they don't have a suspect unless the artist, side of the year >> : also assault bay another gruesome discovery this time in morgan hill what drivers at first thought was a grass fire turned out to be a body that had been set on fire >> : more now on what chief deputy say is an apparent homicide blunt sheriff's homicide squad was seen on a long seen as that of the and discovery late thursday afternoon still smoldering body found by a motorist after a a.m. 30 feed off oakland road where borders is wrote reservoir. >> : will investigate to see and maybe someone tosses some remedies moldered something in the look and could seek is a person not those on
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fired >> : to the scene searching the area of for physical evidence or anything suspicious as for identification gender the cause of death the fires say debt is less severe and may have been an attempt to destroy evidence and lime >> : know exactly the cause of that was the fire was the cause of death the corners offices " before autopsy and look and see if there's a bunch, any evidence indicating house person died >> : grow won't travel oakland road close all day as abuse questions passer-by about zero what appears to be the first, and on a corporate sector county so far this year >> : and a cedar speculate there had of the number drivers that sauce look something unusual in the area on a car thursday morning and hoping those individuals would come forward with some help in morgan hill rob flood will kron 4 news >> : happening now with a large brush fire east of gilroy is
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the over how our partnership with abc seven fire officials said it started about 3:00 this afternoon highway 152 close across the different a. an increase had a tough time getting under control right now crossfire is the amount contained but no structures are threatened some officials say it appeared that these hard by a car crash in on a fire burning on both sides of highway 132 traffic again moving now earlier this afternoon though officials say a pilot was chow will stretch as creating major traffic backed up this huge pieces of the flames and get close enough to the roadway that the helistop for of the >> : hollywood 52 heavily traveled road connects the i won a one interstate 5 >> : goes as wishing it coping with the quiet folks getting back on their feet red cross shelter and not all one and vallejo you see people inside dozens victims
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showing up to look for food shelter a shower and much more check in with a tray of our life here in just a moment but first we want to bring you up today on a series of new developments with the critical star bullet the sinkholes opening up and now but this is one of several in the nappa area other have been recorded since the quake hit sunday. this one opened up overnight and was snapped by the nine over cousin to circle scenic drive residence in that neighborhood woke up today founding the water was no longer running shoes and nappa have done a nice job there are now 30 waterline breaks in that city might sound like a lot was down from about 70 last night 120 monday >> : we want to show you right here and other water related click in the old faithful geyser costco but some say can predict earthquakes appears to of may be done so over the weekend before the
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6.0 quake struck charles clifford and also the to investigate exactly what happened >> : this is the old faithful geyser of california system cost of the 30 mi. north of the epicenter of last sunday's magnitude 6.0 earthquake. it's mainly just to rest attraction of the gases behavior might also predict earthquakes the lead analyst of the year and runs every five the 30 minutes but less saturday the time to train our options suddenly stretched out to an hour and by saturday evening and was an update every hour and half a line against the ceo it manages a geyser. we knew we would find something that started up rather than one hour 20 minutes. the earthquake hit around 320 sunday morning stanley roberts says but midday sunday the geyser back to normal line runs of 35 to 45 as of now even behave like that >> :
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apparently last time old faithful geyser change behavior this dramatically before the earth and 1989 before after the quick the u.s. geological service up the site of their march europe operation to a 2002 civil says that they contacted usgs as we can discuss some possibility of installing another monitress station later this year >> : we have these relationships with them a kind of stop at some point where they will implement the new words as a shrink in real time >> : go live now of kron 4 j.r. stone one of the busiest spots a nap or across shelter people still receive assistance >> : it's actually been extremely busy week out here and i could say people calling in and out all day long i was stunned by the way and a to see off in the distance the
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water it set up outside or the 1600 supplies given away at this location including water bags cleaning supplies anything that can help those living in the area i do want to go to some video because unless you can see also are going in saigon on inside here they are giving breakfast and lunch and dinner way i took some of the number of people like a monster who said you know what we're still dealing with electric and gas water issues we cannot cut get this point that is why were showing up here already about 30,000 meals have been given out at this location in nappa also the red cross set up and let out >> : it has been really hard and of the sit still for 30 after 5:00, so afraid of another earthquake that allow that to happen on a scare from a family of scared for everyone in nappa i could not castillo's us up and as ed the employ because of the electric meth use it >> : this is really frustrating
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closet totally messed up a schedule + have close respect the stress disorder >> : and you're out here busy for them as well sit far out here close to 500 people filed claims since the earthquake. it's been busy time for everyone here and at one >> : our coverage on the earth quake aftermath than challenges facing valero as it tries rebounds. all that the schools back open except for one we have an update on lappers is fix it and some businesses are struggling real and especially in times for expected labor day all had >> : come from lawmakers take a giant step today printing college coeds from becoming the victims of sex crimes >> :
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discover its lead in berkeley with explanation and this is a big move by lawmakers >> : it is a big move many students here are happy dehere that something is being done all video here beckham april you may remember this several students here at uc-berkeley victims of sexual assault him for speaking on sync they needed changes and why the season changes now they may get those changes state lawmakers have passed a bill that will help california not campus' says prevents and investigate sexual assault cases their credit senator kevin the lawn that this bill but changed languages when noemi's know now the language means as brazil still require affirmative a cautious session by both parties will be engaging in any sexual activity. >> : it's some of this is what first step however they hope the focus will be on hoping the victim >> :
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think that enough is being on the public comes and found it's helping the process for the university but i don't think i shall work that way again should help the victims get to the process what is your >> : the new bill will apply all colleges and university and but are eligible for financial aid happening now large stretches north on interstate 280 in san francisco closed during the holiday weekend where earthquakes retrofitting country is headed down earlier today crews expect to have the work finished by early tuesday morning officials say workers are replacing hinges on the freeway with larger ones and are demeter new seismic standard. the new hinges are almost 50 years old >> : ahead tonight at 8 sticking out like a sore thumb apple are resting a big white
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building our tech reporter shares what he knows about >> : the last person the see the sonoma county mother is saying about person but in the super bears limited and >> : arming tweets reading ira want to stabbed some kids and they make my trigger finger itchy these companies bay teacher talking about her students in find out what else she said what will happen to her now >> : how 15 year-old cissy boston tonight at the u.s. open >> : live look outside from the golden gate bridge low clouds going up through today to have changes in the forecast tomorrow what you can female announcer: through labor day at sleep train,
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this is horrible loan sure
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how this >> : was a reaction to parents reading tweed's firm in new yor new works student teacher it. >> : she may lotus and a lesson about the power of twitter to my justine here now to explain the trouble the teacher faces because of a squeeze >> : if this teacher was joking around known as laughing christa largest fleets now set off by a storm and parents are who are the most upset >> : strong words from paris to get the kids of said of newt new work moral high school after the awards will from tweets christa largest chip was to do and 23rd i already want to stabs' some kids is that bad >> : ir on april 24th so happy to note below was school with for 10 days especially to be away from a once neutrally try my patience make my
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trigger figure itchy. we show the tweaks the parents' money were offended >> : no one should this of this bill and there's also this is from april 19th you think you conceive hate us teachers we feel the same about some of you were a snob show >> : after investigation the school district caper written reprimand for the post which are now deleted and the erica to offend their favorite teacher says she jokes a lot around a lot >> : to is a great person she is my best friends. the line i believe that this is just a sudden it's a mistake and now i talk to or about this and she feels terrible about it >> : she apologizes said chairman norman seriously and is still has a job of the school's students told us that she left early today and tuesday on developments
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at san fransico has been team did not find in a suspicious substances in san francisco " stop this >> : concern prompted american evacuation and that 22nd irving some said that reports say an unknown substance spill on what floor causing throat irritation eye irritation to three people inside firefighters arrived the post office they evacuate the building medics also responded to the scene nobody required hospitalization >> : of 15 year-old tennis player from addison turn heads at the u.s. open site. >> : shoes 15 this and that now she performance i >> : she performs brilliantly at times for age 15 did great at handle pressure as the mansion but in the end she did not when her mettle low she did play under the light sheepfold porter prime time at the u.s. open court to
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be exact person round match taken on maria diaz and after losing the first set slot crowns this year everyone was reading your on in the crowd really behind her on the specter of that, the house and the second half of shoe on the second set 6 absolutely dominated much a loss six allow some points on match point she has a long shoe was a 63 love 66 lava in 62 but she can lead we willing with his youngest american won a match u.s. open much water pressure on tuesday coming up later we will hear from cc boss and find out what she has say about whole experience >> : she is homes will in fact >> : another one there on the bay area we have changes in store offers less delicate today's temperatures in the
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'90s and wednesday effect may 6th and step 97 out in fairfield we were in the '80s and the north bay same thing in the south even made agrees in hayward. a local or long coastline upper 60s said eli witt is to the far below the more than expected and this is the reason why the remnants of tropical storm rain making their mate when of the north sea see clause making a turn to the right here and have another storm of low pressure system up to the north mother's the till and the ec coming together as a apollo's closed up for the bay area we see more cloud cover and also to what temperatures tomorrow as the tropical moisture makes its way in the bay area >> : in his local clubs starting the right to halt smuggling morning low clouds the north bay coastline to the rest of the morning we see more high cloud coverage come and so by 11th fairly cloudy of bay area and that will continue in the afternoon to close the current year for starting to decrease in to the evening temperatures
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than the cooler the extra quarter loss of the city's for itself based apollo top 80 in san jose also known as the cooler in lens no ninety's except for an sec anyone there 67 years inside the bay in the north bay we see lots of low eighties for friday looking ahead estimate for the test won't change is more cloudy when sticking up in the afternoon still in the saturday but summer like pattern of one fog effort is on trial resumes sunday into next week >> : apple send out invites to the press for media event and finally know the dates that the new i phone will be on veils get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card
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9th is the big fall that where the build the next i phone >> : pads and possibly the i watch a and this is the and let the came the industry's trend toward no hint real here 11 revealed any of the invited wish we could say more. this time it'll be at the sit to performing arts in cupertino to the south apple burns its mystery structure by the blood center. the video hulk a partnership with abc seven news of three story structure struggle in white also covered with a white cloth material and will be told loftily event and maybe it's made out of white kept at campus' material whenever it is interesting to see what apple is doing with
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this and something new and far of the media but goes couple to colleagues to the security would not let them get close to it when i get down to low next round of a mystery structure so states and on that one other thing other than in choosing this when center >> : briefly cover some innovation and macintosh >> : this location receive jobs made history 1984 unveiling the first my computer >> : into chosen location as of this unveil a new ground- breaking product can of and respect to job a receipt or simple as the center close to the main campus of a cupertino just 2 mi. away and bigger hold more people in line of kron 750 people fun center conceive of the 2004 hundred to let still ahead bay area woman disappears after an argument with her husband what he told police about her sudden disappearance billion coming up
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coming up one of those natural second car and train >> : in the next addition of people behaving badly >> :
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i used a woman found dead in her car outside south bay church people investigating what they thought was the small grass fire and found a bird's body instead and to or vallejo repairs being
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did store is a woman found dead the by a passerby today in san jose her body discovered in a car in a parking lot right near church what a gruesome stab wounds. in another body in south bay smoldering and a driver near a reservoir near morgan held the line to one apple employee horse still trying to put together what mother nature either part or knocked around on sunday >> : with a team coverage and are as quick beckham but it tracking that aftershock or alien with bread on the recovery and bull vallejo and a nap on >> : along the road we have the deal in the newsroom showing for a damage so widespread in vallejo map but and beyond will start of an fec
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truce and eugene me getting things back and wander bouncing off of a chimney at a compromise and look at this home right here off its foundation a base of a chimney that is just a mess in a couple the construction worker putting in long hours replace the foundation the foundation walls on the house. and tomorrow we have of how to lift up and put a new foundation under >> : a gap in the corner where the two sides come together bottom of the chimney bricks all over. the whole house put back on a new foundation meanwhile their credentials ahead today. the vallejo community center is one that is now read sacked on amador st. the chimney fell down other structural damage to
8:32 pm
see if cellaret there and the that no idea will be reopened >> : here both go tide noticeable damage and the street but another house on but toward the street also a yellow tag you see the chimney is kind of crumbling of caution take place around home on the 400 block of georgia street well that is completely closed to traffic city initials' say it's due to partial building collapse now being demolished most businesses on the street are still open city constantly updating the list and hopes to have new details each and every day >> : that chuck still thought of you for between and between the get the truck trundling down 10% at this hour the secret in the closest aftershock one reason the seven channels to 0.0 with 1.9 days aftershocks all really small even this one as a 2.2 earlier this
8:33 pm
afternoon and this water onto 0.4 earlier this morning will three leave really small most people would not even deal feel aftershocks of the size continue to see smaller aftershocks from the main a shock location but the chance of seeing anything stronger really dwindling at this hour >> : work stow on going to get the stone bridge charter school ready for students the only school and out of school district still closed you conceive why it look at this a timberland long blue crabs and-all of this parking lot expected to be fixed by this weekend in the the pg&e true on hand booking the check a nearby gas transmission line where it intersects the fall line >> : so far police detected but the crews are planning to a closer look at the actual pipeline >> : samples every five and then checking for leaks checking for any damage there and they understand it estimates
8:34 pm
the proposal here is clearly dead >> : school building itself to not suffer a structural damage anything knocked over in the classroom now back in place this is video of the sixth grade classroom coincidentally the students will be studying geology building inspectors told today a closer look at the businesses across the city their goal to double check the red yellow duplex distributed on buildings effort to collect some stores operated from yellow tag to more serious red tags all others were able to reopen for a holiday weekend >> : most of now but is open most downtown that but is open some neighbors just on the street are but there are a lot going on and now but almost everywhere was opened just a few of us that have to deal with this please come on out it's a great weekend of the napa valley >> : one restaurant the pizzeria initially given a yellow tag but because the building behind it with on saturday
8:35 pm
it was given a red tag today the pizzeria a grand opening was two weeks ago >> : stay up with but said it would cut list that are quite going online to kron4- dot-com or art twitter facebook pages and download the con 4 mobile app >> : amtrak trains run somewhere on 70 mi. an hour and the tracks in san leandro both directions >> : what on earth would no one be able to a core around less apparent trespass barbels lamont's >> : a washington what one might think it was natural stop on transit day until is a transit proved wrong >> : tree that in a moment >> : this is a big risk if and when she held better if the commercial truck drivers wasn't just one big break
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here's another one also subcontracts elide so on but the mechanic, phone and put these two floridas and the the pteron start shooting the same degree and a pickup trucks still on the tracks >> : how say you have to go the track to hit the train but the chain goes chasing it down the street is trevor park on the tracks this is the tray is coming in this vehicle is partially on the tracks as well malign the back end of this d.h. no truck slowly on the track of the problem of in time and place are seven and replace it in this ticket city >> : costs for stopping on active cross docking l. mckenzie is $500 even if it's only bumpers on the track in the 15 ft. away from the tracks no exceptions and absolutely cannot make you turn the train tracks >> : course for got all ac transit bus is required to
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stop all active role crossings unless there is some sign is posted >> : a measure my surprise when this articulator bus rolls across the tracks farquhar the world >> : still had unique fares going up when the high kicks and of how much it will cost you >> : next sportscaster prediction comes true during a giants game they have also cited helps run of his chair and next her husband she is gone sara's please say about the case of this is a mother and other warm day are on the bay area a penny of '90s inland big changes in store
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all the days after stepping out of a vehicle highway 29 and that accounted cerros a woman remains missing please save the garcia diaz and her husband were driving near robert louis stevenson state park on august 17th after are to want to live got out and not been seen since her husband and her missing three days later just yesterday a comprehensive search of the area turned up no signs of the loan >> : to this point no evidence suggesting that she's a victim of violent act but something the were concerns or issues less in sales of the roadway so were concerned whether she was picked up a hitchhiker and weather shoe struck with the self him she's 5 ft. 1 in. tall and larger 40 lbs. brown hair brown eyes less
8:41 pm
seen wearing a brown sweater and black leather skirt and high heeled shoes behind their own police searching for missing woman suffers from dementia speaks very little english 77 year- old will russia all which was last seen walking on will injure canyon road near march driving time when state last seen wearing a dark shirt and pants at the time rescue teams resumed the search today with volunteers and search dogs there covering an area of several square miles including for the of the county line the big changes for your fine if forecast a plethora of noticeably cooler of interest to see a mix of low hi claus might as remiss of tracker marine goes to the bay area of the clutter to mar: especially in mind when also picking up an afternoon and more are summer like pattern as we head into lincoln's next week seller in a picture showing that a high cloud coverage making its way in
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the bay area there are remnants of tropical storm you see coming up to the north turning toward the bay area that makes this area of low pressure to the north kind of pulling this and and then emerge and grow in the bay area until tomorrow. we like a low-cost, morning and five in the as we make our way through the morning we see more high cloud coverage moved and especially by 11 we see fairly cloudy in the 0:00 hour >> : it will peak around three or four and decrease since leaving the also see gusty winds out there tomorrow afternoon and evening >> : temperatures cooler in the 70's 80's and the south bay 79 pots 43 campbell 83 in san jose a noticeably cooler inland's 9 is out there today even upper 90s tomorrow on a degree readings in and stopped anyone there. 60's '70's inside the bay and 80s in the north bay but the low 80s at that. let's take a
8:43 pm
look at extended forecast tomorrow cooler cloudier when the in the afternoon rate would be still in the saturday typical summer pattern again going through sunday and early next week >> : bay area mother accused of going after her child's believe find out if she will have to deal with long arm of law calling up in sports the giants get bought performance from their starting pitcher will hear from the 15 year-old on her run of the u.s. open >> : system that all sports next
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is against the summer as muller his of as about as real of year-old boy garcia has nigel and the child since her arrest back and i say the district attorney's office announced it will not file criminal charges after interviewing 25 witnesses money between the ages of 9 and 12¢ abortive bid choking allegation but some did not making it difficult to approve the charges beyond reasonable doubt garcia pressure troweled since transferred to another school in reportedly doing well the line below everyone after 1015 t galumph plate under alights on national television 15 year olds
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facing 48 diaz of kazakhstan and the second round bullous ranks 12th hundred eight in the world after losing the first set but what team back smoking in the second set wings 6 love and the sunset and the third said she would lose six of the last seven points not sure she tired out, but on match point it's a long was it in three sets 62 in the third still a great run became the youngest girl at age 15 to win a match at the u.s. open since 1986 and as american here she is after her loss today >> : it's amazing ever thought i'd be here and after my first thought of so happy in this whole thing is the great experience and so honored to have been planning to it >> : had a chance to watch the matches saw barrypressure beautt times dominant like in the
8:47 pm
second set >> : surprise if we don't see a lot more of her in the near future >> : blooper for you look what happened to a was mackey it she gets the racket, and her hair pigtail and still plays on sinatra's had the back and never saw that before and she goes to low sheet scott and her hair is still tries to hit. cheated however when the match in straight sets this caroline moseley at >> : giants pitcher barrel to treat china's history as a teensy park they had retired last 38 and states coming and at 8 shot at breaking major league record making to the to see in the second first this was all the offense the giants would made bigger bronco on the arcade there to nothing san francisco back to use marrow strikes out part charlie it in the be the 46 straight batters that they're tired breaks the major-league record set into cells and
8:48 pm
nine at 15 the third inning perfect innings over eight games of the streak began on july 22nd to tee back at work after he did give up a hit strikes up the side of death and the dishes is with nine strikeouts chance when for a one giants are vital to address right now for a halfback and the mls up by two and the race for the wild-card spot >> : right less lead the jazz won autobus suppose you walk off home run which the focus of major-league baseball never predicted would happen just seconds earlier >> : on saying as we might get an is out of here >> : ... out of here until the call and clippers calls as well with his reaction this
8:49 pm
to see if these sketches of fans major-league baseball network no less nice huge match up anaheim to my aid battle for first and a is just order run midway to the contest to see the score their angels' lead set 3 to one first of four games and angels are a game up in the west coming and we have highlights at 11 >> : monday baltimore to parse the sexes altman highlight first a great catch and jones of along korea but a throwback to the second. lexis first alternate hyalite adam chose to catch the throat the tag to about morals won the game nine to one raiders rookie
8:50 pm
quarterback in treading the seattle seahawks as our final preseason game for print both teams in at a quarter controversy heading in the season raiders' lead 2814 in second quarter how is 11 and the niners also wrapping up their exhibition schedule jim harbaugh pacing the sidelines would not have to worry about this one not to score matters but the team look awfully good josh johnson 13 yd touchdown resilience in the fourth round draft pick and then chris whirl and the third round pick figures to be in the mix with our man at the intersection for 34 year are touched on the role 4213 and finished the preseason to into regular season opens a week from sunday against dallas yacht is going badly by stadium u.s. domestic big thing is how the partnership with abc seven crews still hard at work and getting a base 44 of the saudi plan to install the
8:51 pm
dirt and sand and you can be sure they will be ready pristine new field for the diners home opener against the bears september 14th in fact there is a sucker rally by the week before that so that game as of right now is still a go. that's area and nfl bart if about on the face of the us policy and domestic violence and ier rogera sleeping changes to the policy beginning to that players convicted of domestic violence will be suspended for six games for the first offense and banned for life to do it again goodall submitted the gutter wrong when he were suspended boat or running rights to games after videos service price during his fiancee out of the elevator and or videos showed rice striking her in the elevator just prior really ought to games admitted the mistake in new policy goes into effect immediately >> : they took what criticism >> :
8:52 pm
given credit for making the change >> : coming up next bar rules out a new application the help passengers report crimes on the train and soon you will need more money it to ride female announcer: through monday, get three years interest-free financing and save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train.
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adult fare begins to dollars to $2.25 a union of the new passels also belong to the uni only pass, $68 any in the bark has will cost eight to $80 and lime senior disable use pears not changing >> : suit were recovering after being shot a bus stop on fairfield police say happened just after 2:00 this afternoon at tabor pennsylvania avenue one victim was found at the scene the other arrive at hospital short-time later no word on their conditions to my >> : bowriders night rejoicing
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no-strike tomorrow but are also report a net mobile app that our officers will be on top any pop problems at the very best to or watch makes it easy to call police directly or send text messages with pictures attached also pull down menu is that many choose what kind of report progress battle isn't even illegally parked car and you'll be intelligence phone at kron4- dot-com post away get that allows you to easily download that from the applicant application and/or to apply best part about the says that it's free. anyone who writes public transit not just part things can get weird you wanna make it to do use their telephone that the application is a place on a >> : 80 for joining us tonight everyone saw the latest to news at eleven sports weather news join us for that and stay in touch and between the kron4-dot-com
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